Irrigation Evaluation

RotorainerBucket Testing:

You’ve purchased a new irrigator and now you need to know, is it operating efficiently and it meets the requirements of the NZ Irrigation Code of Practice. A bucket test also confirms that the irrigation system is completely installed and fit for purpose.

At IESL we can undertake that bucket test for you, but we will check operating pressures and undertake a flow test with the ultrasonic flow meter, all of which is data logged on our equipment.

Standard Evaluation:

dreamstime_1018457After a while your irrigation system may not be performing as well as it should be or some other issue may be prevalent.

A full standard Evaluation can be undertaken to check all on farm irrigation equipment from power supply to pumps, mainline, irrigators and emitters. Evaluating distribution uniformity, pressures and flows. A standard Evaluation comes complete with a comprehensive report on all facets of the irrigation system.

Specialised VRI Evaluation:

Very similar to a Standard Evaluation but is geared around looking into the operation and uniformity of a Variable Rate Irrigation System.

For any a Bucket test or Evaluations contact IESL directly for a free no obligation quote.

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