Pivot Contour Modelling (PCM) Specifications


PCM software is the ultimate tool to calculate the precise volumes of earthworks required to enable a Centre Pivot Irrigator to rotate over undulated land, within the Pivot Manufacturers specification for slopes and angles

PCM allows the land owner and the Irrigation designer/supplier to see the changes prior to the works being undertaken and how best to fit the centre pivot, whilst analysing the Return on Investment.

With water being made available in areas with undulating land, irrigating this land efficiently and cost effectively is becoming more of a challenge. Centre Pivot irrigators are still one of the most cost effective systems to use on undulating land, however, there are often areas that require earthworks to allow a centre pivot to be placed.

 A UAV/Drone or GPS type systems are used to map the land which is then uploaded to PCM as a 3D terrain model. The Centre Pivots span configuration is entered into the PCM and a full analysis identifies all the areas that don’t meet the manufacturer’s specification.

PCM then alters the land contours for slopes, angles and ground clearance to produce the volumes required to meet the Pivot Manufacturers Specifications.

The final result is a map of the land showing the areas requiring earthworks and is coloured to represent the depths of cut and fill.

The volume of earthworks required is supplied in many formats, PDF, DXF DWG or any other format required for viewing or quoting if available. PCM supplies all data for GPS controlled and Non -GPS controlled earthmoving equipment.

For earthworks requiring local body consents, maps of the areas requiring earthworks and the respective volumes can also be supplied.

In Addition, PCM also provides Pivot Operation report (Hours/day, Efficiency, Precipitation Required, Speed of Last Tower) Pressure and Flows (Required by the Pivot designed, Design Values, Actual values) and the Pivot Hydraulics (the pressures of the pivot through the 360 degrees).

PCM can provide earthworks calculations for the placement of pipelines over undulating land, including and not limited to depths, widths, bedding material volumes, spoil volumes, pipe deflection and the placement of air valves and scour valves. This feature is more suited to large pipe schemes or community based schemes over larger areas.

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The easy flat land is nearly all gone, now it’s the rolling to more difficult land requiring irrigation, but how best to irrigate and what with is the next question.

At IESL we have the technology to answer that question.

After collecting a GPS type survey of the land in question, a 3D Terrain Model of the land is created and uploaded into our PCM software.

A Centre Pivot design is placed onto the terrain model and the PCM identifies all the angles and slopes that need altering to allow the centre pivot to rotate within the manufactures specifications.

The results of the PCM are provided in DXF, DWG, PDF or any other format required to enable viewing for yourself and pricing by your preferred earthmoving contractor. File formats are available for direct upload to GPS controlled earthmoving equipment.

The PCM not only works out the contours but can be utilised to design the whole irrigation system by hydraulically working out the flows and pressures required after the PCM has been completed.

In addition, the PCM can also provide earthworks calculations of the depth, width and bedding material volume to install a pipe line and the placement of air valves and scour valves. This can be uploaded to GPS controlled earthmoving equipment and/or provided as long sectional drawings.

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